A peek at my bees!

Before these gorgeous fall days turn into blustery winter days, I trekked out to my beeyard to check on my bees!  This is my first year taking care of a hive of honeybees—and it’s been quite an education!  My friend and mentor, Alf Bashore, has guided me through from the very beginning and was out yesterday to help inspect the hive.  Thank you Alf!  Just a month or so ago my bees were building queen cells on their comb—a sign that either my queen had died, was getting old, or the bees were feeling cramped and were getting ready to swarm.  (Well, these are the reasons we came up with at least!)

Check out a picture of the conical shaped queen rearing cells:

Honeybee queen cells on frames.

I dutifully scraped off all of these queen cells—hoping I didnt just destory my hive and the chance of harvesting honey next year.  I never saw my queen and hoped she was still thriving…opting for the swarming hypothesis.  (To prevent the swarm you need to get rid of the queen cells).

Fast forward to yesterday’s hive check.  There were plenty of worker bees doing their jobs.  We found capped brood and larvae (hooray there MUST be a laying queen!) and even got to see a few new bees hatching out…very cool!  Here is a whole host of pics from our beeyard adventures yesterday!  Enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “A peek at my bees!

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  2. KrissyK

    Awesome photos!! I love your bee-log! :D

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