Sometimes Dinner Requires a Hatchet

I bet those pioneer ladies that we’ve long forgotten had to wield sharp hatchet-like tools in order to prepare dinner.  Around here it is unfortunately not so often.  However, last night’s dinner prep did require my husband’s hatchet.

We recently “cut” down on our rooster population.  We had four cocks and their fighting was increasing, likely due to spring being right around the corner!  And, our lady hens were starting to lose a lot of feathers from all of the lovin’ they were getting.  Around here we don’t let the strongest rooster survive…usually he’s the meanest and most territorial.  So we intervene to keep only a couple of happy cocks around.

So last night’s dinner was a taste test of fresh market chickens versus fresh woodsy farm rooster.  To prep our roosters, which we killed and plucked on Sunday…I needed to chop off their feet.  I had considered roasting them with feet attached but I couldn’t manage to pluck off all of the feathers around their feet.  (I did save the feet to work on today and use for future stock!)




Also…roosters grow spurs on their feet.  This picture shows our dominant rooster and the size of his spurs!





Everyone had both rooster and market chicken for dinner last night.  Both were excellent!  The rooster meat was darker but not really tougher by any means (and these birds were likely a year old and quite lean.)  My favorite part of dinner, however, was having my one son request seconds of “rooster, please!”


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4 thoughts on “Sometimes Dinner Requires a Hatchet

  1. Alicia

    You would fit right in in Mexico! Lol. They sell chicken feet as a snack on many corners, with salsa! Have you tried singeing the feathers on an open flame?

  2. do they deep fry the chicken feet? We did singe pin feathers last go around, but these were much larger…guess it could be just as effective though! :)

  3. Molly

    Love the pictures!

  4. Kristin

    The sight of that spur gives me the chills!

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