Building a Scare-Chicken!

With spring trying to break through the winter here in PA, I took advantage of planting my onion crop yesterday.  Each year I seem to up my onion plants….this year 522 little onion babies found their way into our soil !  Onions do very well for us so we are trying to capitalize on what grows well.

Planting our large garden is a heck of a lot of work.  So…I only want to do that work once, not twice or thrice or even more!  However, our beloved chickens turn into downright pests during planting season.  I know they are merely acting on instinct, but every year during planting season they scratch up seeds and plants, looking for worms and other insects.  Just yesterday, after spending hours planting my onions, I had to replant over 100 that got scratched out in mere minutes by a chicken invasion!  Many choice worlds were used during that replant.

So today, instead of getting upset over what chickens are naturally inclined to do–scratch in the dirt.  I took matters into my own hands and made a fine scare-chicken…and my first one ever.  Farmer McGillicutty is going to be pretty pissed if those chickens come near his onions!


Happy Gardening…or as happy as you can make it!

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4 thoughts on “Building a Scare-Chicken!

  1. Pam

    Looks like Rick Victor’s nephew. Good luck, I hope it works!

  2. I shopped at sal Val for the scarechicken’s clothing and was thinking Ric Victor—-it is brilliant! Worked great so far today….chickens won’t even come near the garden!

  3. molly jacks

    I really enjoy your posts. What do you do with all of those onions?

    • Thanks Molly! We don’t end up with as many as we plant…but still a lot, yes! Ones that are less sweet will store longer…we also set up a little driveway stand last summer which the boys loved! Family, friends and neighbors also are recipients of onions! :)

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